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Topics include: review of basic formulas, absolute formulas, formulas & range names, manipulating formulas, combining & splitting formulas, text formulas, date & time formulas, referencing cells on other sheets/files, auditing, goal seek, array formulas.

Course Outline

This course is designed for Excel users who would like to learn more about creating formulas, as well as brushing up on math skills.  

This course is classroom style instruction: Instructor-led, hands-on training.

Review of Basic Formulas
Using Operators
Order of Calculation
Formulas that Reference One Cell
Copying and Filling Formulas

Absolute Formulas
Partial Absolute Formulas

Formulas And Range Names
Using Range Names in Formulas
Using Range Names For Values
Column/Row Headings in Formulas

Manipulating Formulas
Editing Formulas
Converting Formulas to Values
Printing Formulas in Place of Results
Manual Calculation

Combining/Splitting Cell Contents
Concatenating Formulas
Text To Columns

Text Formulas
Adding Text to Value Cells

Date and Time Formulas
Calculating Days Between Dates
Calculating Years Between Dates
Calculating Time Differences

Referencing Cells Not On Sheet
Multiple Sheet Formulas
Multiple File Formulas
Linking Formulas

Tracing Formulas
The Auditing Toolbar
Tracing Dependents and Precedents
Displaying Formulas

Goal Seek
Have Excel Change Cell Value To Arrive At Desired Result

Formulas That Cannot Be Edited
Creating Array Formulas
Editing Array Formulas

Prerequisites & Certificates

Course Prerequisite: Required: Excel Introduction and Intermediate Level 1 or equivalent knowledge.

Certificates offered

Participants receive with this course: * courseware (notes on all topics covered, along with exercises used during course). * a certificate of completion

Cancellation Policy

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