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This one-level course gives students the skills they need to get the most from Microsoft Outlook 2013. Over the course of a dozen easy-to-understand modules, students learn skills that progress from basic right through to advanced.

  • Course Start Date: Apr. 9
  • Location: Winnipeg (Map)
  • Time: 8:30 am - 4:00 pm (Note on end times)
  • Please Note: End Times are approximate and depend
    on the number or students and pace of the class.
    It is important to allow for the class to run a little bit longer,
    or finish a little sooner, than expected.
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Delivery Method(s):Instructor Led
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Course Outline
This one-level course gives students the skills they need to get the most from Microsoft Outlook 2013. Over the course of a dozen easy-to-understand modules, students learn skills that progress from basic right through to advanced.

Course Content
Module 1: The Basics
Getting Started
About the Notification Icon and Windows 8
Using the Folder Pane
Using Peeks

Module 2: Working with E-Mail Messages
Opening Messages
Replying to Messages
Forwarding Messages
Deleting Messages

Module 3: Creating Messages
Creating a New Message
Formatting Text
Attaching Files or Items
Changing the Theme
Checking Your Spelling
Sending the Message

Module 4: Working with the Calendar
Opening the Calendar
Creating a New Appointment
Creating a Meeting
Using the Daily Task List
Changing the Calendar View
Using the Weather Bar

Module 5: Working with Tasks

Opening the Tasks Folder
Creating Tasks
Changing the Task View
Updating Task Completion
Deleting Tasks

Module 6: Working with Notes
Opening the Notes Folder
Creating and Deleting Notes
Changing the Note View
Arranging Notes

Module 7: Working with People
Opening the People Folder
Creating a New Contact
Marking a Contact as a Favorite
Changing the Contact View
Creating a Contact Group

Module 8: Using Social Networks
Connecting to Social Networks
Viewing Social Network Contacts
Viewing Social Network Information
Removing Social Networks

Module 9: Getting Organized
Creating Folders
Moving Items into Folders
Categorizing Items
Using Search
Using Filter
Handling Junk Mail

Module 10: Using Conversations
Understanding Conversations
Expanding and Collapsing Conversations
Viewing Conversation Messages
Turning Conversations On or Off
Cleaning Up a Folder or Conversation
Ignoring a Conversation

Module 11: Using Quick Steps
Using Default Quick Steps
Creating New Quick Steps
Deleting Quick Steps
Resetting Quick Steps

Module 12: Customizing the Interface
Changing Ribbon Display Options
Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
Hiding and Showing Ribbon Tabs
Creating Custom Ribbon Tabs
Resetting Interface Changes
Prerequisites & Certificates

Certificates offered

Certificate of completion

Cancellation Policy
Cancellation Policy & Satisfaction Guarantee
You may cancel or reschedule your registration without penalty up to 5 business days before your class date.

Training Details
ASAP Training Ltd. is located at 950 - 167 Lombard Avenue, in Exchange District. A training manual is provided. We encourage all students to bring in a USB stick for student files as we no longer hand out course files on a CD.

Finding Us
ASAP Training Ltd. is located in the picturesque downtown Exchange District at 950-167 Lombard Avenue, in the Grain Exchange Building, you can access the building from Rorie Street and Lombard Avenue.

Class Times and Other Details
ASAP Training Ltd. classes begin promptly at 8:30 am and end around 4:00 pm. Our doors open at 8:00 am. Coffee and tea are provided for students. We have a kitchen with a microwave and refrigerator available for student use if they wish to bring their own lunch. Lunch break is one hour from approximately 11:30 to 12:30. A telephone and sitting area are available for student use. Our office is a non-smoking facility and is wheelchair accessible.

There are many restaurants available within walking distance of the school.

For your convenience, we have also provided a map of the available Parking Lots in proximity to the Grain Exchange Building, indoor and outdoor parking.
Map & Reviews
ASAP Training.ca
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ASAP - New Location
950 167 Lombard Avenue
Winnipeg, MB
Canada   R3B 0V3


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I thought Lunch break could be reduced to 45 mins.
Reviewed by 2018
Everything was excellent. The questionnaire doesn't mention cost or value but I thought it was excellent value for the cost. I already have a co-worker attending another course there in the next few weeks.
Reviewed by 2018
Excellent course to take. I have learned some short cuts with excel that I have never used before.
Reviewed by 2017
I found the course way above my comfort/experience level.
Reviewed by 2017
A workshop where the participant builds a database relevant to their needs would be very useful.
Reviewed by 2017
If you need to upgrade your knowledge about Microsoft...this is the seminar to do it. it's not long and very informative.
Reviewed by 2017
Hi The actual course was one on one in my office I was very pleased with the instructor. Thanks. A.G
Reviewed by 2017
I found this course to be extremely helpful. Our instructor, Susan was very knowledgeable and really took the time to make sure everyone was keeping up and was able to follow along. I hope to take the refresher with her. Love that there is a complimentary refresher with each course!
Reviewed by 2017
I learned a lot of new stuff on excel which I didn't know about. Good experience
Reviewed by 2016
I enjoyed taking Power point level 1, I didn't know that we can do so much on it. I like the part where there's animation.
Reviewed by 2016
My trainer Susan was very patient with me and did an excellent job!
Reviewed by 2016
This was an excellent course that has greatly improved my Excel skills.
Reviewed by 2016
I found Genevieve a little hard to hear sometimes and had to ask her to repeat herself. When she was sitting at her desk and I at mine the top of her computer obstructed the view of her mouth, so I could not see what she was saying either. She was great though...she often came right to my keyboard to explain things one on one. She was a very good instructor.
Reviewed by 2016
because I was the only student she only teach me until 2pm. and been the only student you missed important questions that another students can have and seen different project and ideas.
Reviewed by 2016
It would be hard to give you a feedback as course didn't take place at all. When I came there they realized that they actually registered me for Access 2 instead of Access 1. Very unprofessional!!
Reviewed by 2016
ASAP Training was easy to find. Parking was good, it may have been because of summer holidays. I was lucky enough to have a one on one session with my instructor. Susan was able to answer all of my questions and even made some suggestions as to some future training programs which would make my job way more efficient. It was a completely enjoyable day. Linda Leclerc Derksen Plumbing & Heating
Reviewed by 2016
Our instructor was absolutely amazing. Very knowledgeable and had no problems answering any questions we had. I've been on many of these training courses and this was by far the best instructor and course I've been on.
Reviewed by 2016
Overall great seminar. You could use a kuerig or similar for coffee breaks.
Reviewed by 2015
the only comment I have is that I think if your a beginner the pace of the class is too fast. other than that, thought the course was fine.
Reviewed by 2015
I found that all of the items during the course were not really relevant to what it was that I was requiring. I already worked in quick books and I needed more information regarding posting deposits and running reports. All of the course focused on retail sales primarily, which as a Commercial leasing company I did not need 90 percent of the information given. Also, the booklet was printed so low quality that the information was blurred and extremely hard to read. Plus printed too small. And the instructor basically talked to fast to be able to keep up with most of the time. Especially since I am not an accountant, it would have been appreciated if she would have taken her time and had a better hands on approach.
Reviewed by 2015
Tons of patience. I had no confidence in my very rusty computer skills whatsoever and our trainer just took it all in stride. Was very grateful for that.
Reviewed by 2015
It would be nice to have some of these spread over two days possibly or offered on a weekend as I own my own business and getting away for full days is not easy and also a lot to digest in one day..I do realize we can take a refresher at no extra cost within a time period and you offer all sorts of support which is great option....
Reviewed by 2015
The training was well presented and organized. Great atmosphere and location. Coffee/tea was provided all day and staff were friendly. The instructor was experienced, professional, knowledgeable and very helpful. Reference materials were provided. Very worthwhile seminar. I highly recommend this class.
Reviewed by 2015
Require more time, I suggest this training to be 2 days instead of one. Overall I learned a lot and it was very interesting and informative.
Reviewed by 2015
the more hands on an attendee can do - the easier it is to learn
Reviewed by 2015
I was the only person in the course so the instructor was able to customize the class for my exact needs - it was better than I hoped. Thanks for not cancelling it due to low enrollment!!
Reviewed by 2015
This was a very useful course. Because they allow you to take the course again one time for free I believe within 6 months I will probably attend again for a refresh!
Reviewed by 2015
I really enjoyed this excel training. I look forward to taking the next two levels as well.
Reviewed by 2015
I think ASAP offers a better quality of training than their competitors here in Winnipeg.
Reviewed by 2015
Reviewed by 2015
I would suggest prior to going into each lesson, what we are about to do and what we want to achieve, as I was lost in some spots. The instructor was knowledgeable, kind and helpful. The facility was undergoing renovations/move, so it wouldn't be fair to comment on the facility.
Reviewed by 2015
the book was very helpful and continues to be helpful
Reviewed by 2015
Sometimes felt she moved too quickly when working in training module.
Reviewed by 2015
The room was very cold.
Reviewed by 2014
I was very happy with this course and the Instructor (Susan). Her attitude and knowledge was great!
Reviewed by 2014
The instructor was very knowledgeable regarding Excel. She provided some helpful tips that was not provided in the manual.
Reviewed by 2014
Very knowledgeable and helpful with questions that relate to your personal business
Reviewed by 2014
I was satisfied with the training - it met my expectations for a group/classroom setting. Although there were only a few students, each have there own specifics they want to address and learn.
Reviewed by 2014
The only thing I have (which I also put in the feedback form I physically filled out) was that there were times that students asked questions about things that were way more advanced than the topics going over in class. It did confuse me once or twice. These students have already been using Quickbooks previously and one was an actual accountant. Maybe they should have been in another advanced course?
Reviewed by 2014
The only negative things were the initial room was chilly and there was a problem with their new server. We were able to switch rooms which was better. They managed to rectify the problem with the server enough so we finished the course content - a little rushed at the end. But they do offer a 6 month reset where you can go back and take the course for free (when it is offered)if you are having problems.
Reviewed by 2014
I just found the instructor presented the material in a very dry and somewhat boring manner.
Reviewed by 2014
this course makes me excited to book level 2
Reviewed by 2014
Great Company, Instructors are always knowledgeable of the topics.
Reviewed by 2014
The training of Microsoft Access Level 1 was interesting and helped me a lot to understand how to build a simple database, which was my reason for attending. I do look forward to going to Level 2 and 3 when I complete my own database! Thank you for helping me!
Reviewed by 2014
If I had to do it all again I would pay the extra and have one on one training. That way it could be streamlined for your business. This is only applicable if you are setting Quickbooks up. If you just need a general course on Quickbooks,or already have some basic knowledge than it was wonderful.
Reviewed by 2014
This was a very informative and helpful course. Great for beginners to Excel with lots of helpful tips!
Reviewed by 2014
Great speed for those who already have basic computer skills. Great tips and speed for the level 1 course.
Reviewed by 2014
The course should be broken down into a longer timeline. There was alot of content to cover and because of this fact we did not have a thorough opportunity to develop our skills to suit what was proposed to be taught in the course and thus did not get to cover every section of each module. :(
Reviewed by 2014
This is the second course I have taken with ASAP Training. The location is easy to find with lots of parking and is close to restaurants if needed. They do have a nice lunch area in the facility with coffee, water and a refrigerator that you can use. The staff are very friendly and helpful, it's a very relaxed atmosphere.The courses are well laid out and easy to follow. The instructor explained things well and was always willing to take extra time to answer questions.
Reviewed by 2014
I am just wondering if the course can be two days. too much information for a day, especially for someone like me using excel for the first time.
Reviewed by 2014
The class was good but it is not organized and went too fast. Trainer was very knowledgable and nice.
Reviewed by 2014
1) One hour for lunch is too long of a break. I would rather take a 1/2 hour and go through more material; 2) The electronic excel files pertaining to the exercises in part 2 of the manual should automatically be provided with the manual. I was provided only sections 2 & 3 excel examples after special request.
Reviewed by 2014
I was very satisfied with the class. Instructor was very informed, and very helpful to the class with any question's.
Reviewed by 2013
I wish we followed the book, so that I would be able to reference it better as I try and use the skills I learnt.
Reviewed by 2013
I thoroughly enjoyed this class. It is extremely relevant for what I am doing at work at present. The instructor was easy to get along with and the fact I was the only attendee...with the one on one instruction, I enjoyed the course even more and the great pace of the lessons. thank you
Reviewed by 2013
I took the course to learn about Pivot Tables. I was hoping we would spent 1/2 day on it, but it was alot less time then that. I would like to see an additional course, but it sounds like that was the only one available
Reviewed by 2013
Competent trainers and course material was taught well.
Reviewed by 2013
I was very disappointed with the instructor, the environment & the material covered. I went in with expectations from reading the course outline, of certain topics to be covered, and they were not. The instructor was FAR from professional, in fact I was shocked she has been leading the course. I think I have limited knowledge of excel, yet still feel I could of done a better job leading the class. After my experience, I would NOT recommend this facility to anyone. Very disappointing, waste of money & time.
Reviewed by 2013
I felt the instructor was very unprofessional ie: shared way too many personal stories that really had nothing to do with excel, was very negative when classmates asked questions. Personal appearance was unprofessional. She put herself down constantly which creates a complete lack of confidence in those hoping to learn from her knowledge! Yawned all through class and didn't hesitate to give us several personal reasons why! Computers amounst the seven of us were configured differently which gave some of us different results. Keyboards, mouse etc. very dirty. Classroom very cramped. In my opinion, not enough time spent on "true" excel - formulas,etc. and way too much time on how to make things "pretty" ie - customizing your colors and headlines, inserting graphics etc. Instructor had a different book so she was unable to reference the page for us to follow along. On the positive size, 7 is a great class size and I feel I will be able to make great use of the book we were given.
Reviewed by 2013
I definately benefited from this course and glad I attended. Staff were all very pleasant. The facility was a little tricky to find, but managed to get there. The facility also could use a little face lift. Cheap desks and dirty/old carpeting needs to be replaced.
Reviewed by 2012
Very Good.
Reviewed by 2012
Only 3 students attended, and we finished at 3:35 instead of 4. In my view, the course should end at 4:30, with the option of lasting until 5 if full. More do-it-yourself exercises should be incorporated throughout the day; at our course, we were asked to create and show a slide presentation in Power Point (Level I) at the end of the day only. Also, we learned about many functions, but not so much about the all-important importing of web-material and inserting text beside these. Even inserting just descriptive text would have been a good exercise. This would have helped to train us to create presentations for diverse audiences at one course. The instructor, a wonderful instructor, still chatted a bit too much and ended too early. Pace the assignments, and include a bit more meat. It can still be a fun day--which it definitely was.
Reviewed by 2012
Very clear presentation of course materials. Instructor was well organized. Really enjoyed the day!
Reviewed by 2012
Although, I found some information usefull from this seminar, the content covered did not meet the description of the course and I felt that more in depth teaching could have taken place considering we were dismissed at 2:30pm and the course was supposed to go until 4:30pm. Just felt that we could have covered more formula related material or other excel material as we did have plenty of time left at the end.
Reviewed by 2012
The Instructor read the lessons straight from the book. I could have done that on my own. He made quite a few mistakes that were corrected by the students. Did not know how to troubleshoot and provided limited answers to questions. It was obvious he did not know this subject well enough.
Reviewed by 2012
Course was more than what i expected! Please let my instructor, Susan Majetic know that she did an amazing job; very energetic and confident with the course content. Will definitely come back for more:)
Reviewed by 2012
Reviewed by 2012
The course content was good; however in the am the instructor said that we would be leaving early because of a small group (6 participants). We were dimissed between 2:30-3:00pm. The course was scheduled till 4:30 and for the cost of the course I flet the instructor should have provided us with training during that time. She could have used the remianing time to present examples, have us try to reproduce them; given us scenarios have us try to prepr the spreadsheet for this, etc. She could have offered to be in the room, let us work through the book examples and be there to guide us. Even if only one person wanted to stay she should have stayed. This offer of staying was not mentioned, I felt we had to leave.
Reviewed by 2012
It would have been nice for the instructor to tailor make the course for this class. Most if not all of the people attending the course were more interested in the "making forms" aspect of the course and not the "printing" part. He seemed to be having an off day, and for that I felt bad for him. However, he could have picked up on the fact we were all interested in learning more about forms and offer to spend more time there instead. His knowledge of the Adobe Forms was average and I was hoping for someone more experienced to teach the course. I still got quite a bit out of the course and was happy I went....even though I may not attend another course there.
Reviewed by 2012
Since I signed up for an "Acrobat" class, I thought that the time spent on developing a form in "Live Cycle" was not appropriate. Most of us in the class did not have this software at our home/office. Plus, too much time was spent on colour separations and pre-press and nobody was there to learn this. The malfunctions or misplacement of the instructor's computer/folders was not worked out before the class which, if they had been, could have improved the class experience. On the positive side, the class did open my eyes to what you could do with forms.
Reviewed by 2012
Presidio is fantastic no-frills software training. I would gladly recommend them.
Reviewed by 2012
Instructor needs more hands on Excel Level 2 type situations in order to answer questions presented by students with more confidence. The instructor seemed to be learning as we went along. Overall still a beneficial experience.
Reviewed by 2012
The training provider was good but sometimes I felt he moved too quickly through the course. I understand that there was alot to cover, so I feel that maybe it should have been a longer course. Most of the people on this course had already taken some type of this course before, but this was my first time working with any type of spreadsheets at all. It was sometimes overwhelming. I just might take the course again soon.
Reviewed by 2012
I wasn't greeted at the door on arrival and had to find someone to ask what room I was supposed to be in. There was another instructor who arrived the same time as I did, but she was more concerned about looking after another client who was in the office. She didn't even bother asking what class I was scheduled to take. I view this as poor customer service. After waiting around for 15 minutes or more, I went to the back of the office to find someone to assist me. Once we got into the session, I discovered that the Excel 2010 did not cover anything to do with InfoPath - which was my main reason for attending. While I learned a few things about Excel 2010, I did not get answers to many questions I had regarding InfoPath. Following the session, I called the office and requested the class examples that were used be sent to me - I also noted this on the evaluation sheet. As well, I asked for step-by-step instructions for inserting additional icons on the Tool Bar when doing Excel documents. The person who answered the phone said she would pass my request on to Christina Bower, who was not available when I called. To date, I have not received anything from Presidio.
Reviewed by 2011
An exercise at the end that tied everything together would have been a nice addition to the course.
Reviewed by 2011
This seminar was for people with experience using quickbooks, defintiely not for beginners. I don't believe the seminar description properly described this. By 10:30 am, I was completely lost.
Reviewed by 2011
If you have used Excel more than once DO NOT take Level one! I wish someone would have told me that. All you are taught is how to navigate excel.
Reviewed by 2011
Course info was very helpful - instructor provided real work examples and work arounds.
Reviewed by 2011
Instructor was very knowledgeable and patient. Atmosphere was friendly and welcoming.
Reviewed by 2011
I received a photocopy of the manual which wasn't as clear as the original manuals--I was a last minute registrant who got a discount price and this was pointed out--even that I didn't have the same options as the other two did because I booked through Last Minute. The other two who booked, booked through presidio and if they felt they didn't absorb enought during the course that day they could come back for a refresher for free. This was mentioned a few times. The Instructor knew the content inside and out and was very knowlegeable on the software. The 15 minute breaks could have been shortened and the content that was covered could have been presented in a slower manner. I was able to keep up, but the material was rushed through at times.
Reviewed by 2011
the book says I download the course material and I can't find it. It also says I was to receive a CD didnt receive a CD
Reviewed by 2011
The course itself was good. The instructor seemed more intent on discussing topics not related to the course material i.e. riots in BC, SQL and how hackers got in etc. The computer programs did not work the majority of the time. The instructor did very little to resolve the issues.
Reviewed by 2011
The course was well run, very informative and very hands on whick is really nice. The only comment I could make is the room was small and the overhead screen a little hard on the eyes due to lighting. I would definitely consider taking another course.
Reviewed by 2011
Exercises are really good and relavent to the material being taught. The instructor really cares about your experience and understanding of the material.
Reviewed by 2011
This was an excellent program! The instructor was very knowledgeable. She had extra tips on hand outs and made sure that all in the class understood. I am thirsty for more training now.
Reviewed by 2011
I realize this is a 1 day course to make you familiar with the program. But not enough time to cover the information without rushing. The instructor knew this and was very helpful and showed genuwine interest in our understanding/progress even in a rush.
Reviewed by 2011
I totally enjoyed this training. The class size was small which made it very easy to understand each new point. The presenter has a great personality and was extremely helpful. I would recommend this training any day!
Reviewed by 2011
I enjoyed this session more than level 2. The only problem was that the chairs were so uncomfortable. My back still hurts today.
Reviewed by 2011
I felt the class was not completely professional. There was a lot of joking between the teacher & students & I did not completely enjoy the atmosphere.
Reviewed by 2011
It was alot of information to take in one day, it's too bad that you can't provide this training over a longer period of time such as in the evenings for a number of weeks or in short time frame such as a 2-3 day period.
Reviewed by 2011
I found the course to be very helpful. Learned alot in a 1 day course.
Reviewed by 2011
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