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In this course you will further develop your Acrobat skills by learning how to set security on your PDF files to control who can access your documents & control what they are able to do with them, create simple form fields for PDF documents...

  • Course Start Date: 2020-05-27
  • Time: 09:00:00 - 16:00:00
  • Duration: 1 Day(s)
  • Location: Edmonton
  • Delivery Method(s): Instructor Led

Course Outline


Acrobat XI Level I or equivalent knowledge/experience


This course expands on the skills and techniques learned in Level 1. The student will apply many new features and tools that will help to make more advanced and interactive PDFs. The student will also learn to create slide shows, insert audio and video and build electronic forms. The student will convert existing paper forms to PDF as well as building other types of forms from start to finish. Security, distribution, tracking along with collection and management of form data with also be explored.

Course Content
Review and Misc. Features
Acrobat Level 1 Review
Optimizing PDFs (Automated / Manually)
Converting PDFs to / from Multiple Formats
Acrobat Preferences / Customization
Exporting all Images out of a PDF at once
Importing / Replacing Images and Graphics
Articles and Article Tool
Misc. Rich Media
Exploring Acrobat.com and mobile Apps

PDF Portfolios
Creating a Portfolio
Choosing a Layout
Adding a Welcome Page
Adding a Header
Choosing a Colour Scheme
Setting File Information
Publishing Your Portfolio
Sharing with Acrobat.com

Creating an Interactive Map
Working with Fields
Working with Properties
Working with Buttons
Creating Mouse Triggers
Creating Actions
Creating Rollovers
Controlling Visibility

Creating an Acrobat Presentation
Setting Open Option
Creating a Full-Screen Slide Show
Creating and working with Buttons
Creating a Self-Running Presentation
Adding an Audio File to a PDF File
Adding a Video File to a PDF File
Adjusting the Audio and Video Skins
Assigning a Poster File for a Video or Animation
Adding Sound to a PDF Page 

Converting Paper to PDF
Typing on a Paper Form
Creating a Searchable Image
Converting a Scan with ClearScan

Designing Forms
Choose a Design Application
Discussing Form Design in Word / InDesign
Design Principles for Forms
Critiquing a Finished PDF
Enable Reader Options

Converting Paper to PDF
Typing on a Paper Form
Creating a Searchable Image
Converting a Scanned (Flat) PDF into Images and Text

Creating and Editing Form Fields
Use Auto Field Recognition
Understand Fields
Create Text Fields
Create Check Boxes
Create Radio Buttons
Create List Boxes
Create Dropdown Boxes
Control Button Appearance
Use Show/Hide Fields
Create Signature Fields
Duplicate Fields / Multiple Fields
Edit Forms
Set Tab Order Using the Form Tools in Acrobat

Performing Math
Introduce Math Operators
Create an Expense Form with calculations
Use Simplified Field Notation to Perform Calculations

Distributing and Managing E-Forms
Reducing File Size of PDF Form
Locking down PDF Form
Distributing the Form with Email
Distributing the Form Manually
Tracking PDF Forms
Collecting Form Responses
Managing and Reviewing Form Responses
Exporting Form Responses
Manage Data with Excel
Tips for Tablets and Smart Phones

Digital Signatures
About Adobe Self-Sign Security
Creating a Digital ID
Creating a Certificate from an ID
Importing a Certificate as a Trusted Identity
Signing a PDF Document
Creating a Signature Appearance
Creating a Signature Field
Validating a Signed Document

Securing Forms
Set Permissions and Security for Form
Create Digital Signature Security
Enable Usage Rights 

Cancellation Policy

10 business days cancellation or full course fee will be charged

Training Location

TTC, B-11 Cameron Library
11320-89 Avenue, University of Alberta

Edmonton, Alberta

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This vendor has an overall average rating of 4.37 out of 5 based on 197 reviews.

I had a very bad experience with the instructor - he centered me out throughout the entire class - asked me continuously if I on p ... Read more

I had a very bad experience with the instructor - he centered me out throughout the entire class - asked me continuously if I on pace or knew how to do the work. If I asked him a question he seemed anger made me feel little, stupid, he was very condescending. At one point he helped me and he said things like "this is a desktop" "do you know that?" others laughed. I almost left the course halfway through. I'm a much older person and First Nations and I'm shocked he treated me the way he did. It's like I was less of a person, discriminating, and etc.

No comment
The course was excellent, the instructor Rachel was great.
No comment
No comment
Was a very informative course.
No comment
My payments were taken care of by last minute training with the University of Alberta. The teacher was good, the content was good.
I already completed a survey at the end of the course so not sure why I have to complete another survey on line? LOL
No comment
No comment
No comment
The information learned in this course will assist me in my current role. Enjoyed the class.
No comment
I would have preferred using the manual given to follow, so I could add my notes to each area as we worked through the course. Unf ... Read more

I would have preferred using the manual given to follow, so I could add my notes to each area as we worked through the course. Unfortunately all my notes are in the beginning of the book as we, only looked it once, when a student asked what page we were on.

No comment
More useful contents can be fit in and taught in this class definitely.
No comment
Worthwhile training that provided me with the skills needed to use Onenote.
No comment

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