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The Why, What, Where and How to Getting Published

Part 1 - Why Get Published

When you started your business, did you frantically search online, buy self-help books and attend a myriad of seminars to in an attempt to learn how to market your business? There are many different ways to promote and sell your business, but one of the most effective and undervalued is getting published. In this four part series I will not only show why it is a crucial element of your marketing campaign, I will also show you how easy it is to do.

Getting published exposes you to more potential clients than more traditional marketing methods. For example meeting prospects one on one is not an effective use of your time. It takes you away from servicing your clients and allows you to promote yourself to only one individual at a time. You may meet a few more people at a networking event (10 to 50), but these types of events don't give you enough time to really promote your business or build a relationship. Usually you still have to meet over coffee or exchange emails for a while before a prospect gets a clear understanding of your service or gains enough confidence to buy your product.

In comparison, publications make you highly visible to a lot more people. From a small association newsletter with a readership starting in the hundreds to a niche publication such as the Canadian Consulting Engineer that has a readership of over 50,000. How many meetings and networking events would it take for you to introduce your business to this many people? Not to mention, publishing articles involves no out of pocket expense if you write it yourself. Even hiring a professional ghost writer is significantly cheaper than traditional advertising. The smallest business card sized ad in an association publication such as the Advocates Society costs $455 per advertisement and their largest full page ad, $1,845. Canada's Small Office and Home Office Entrepreneurs magazine, with a readership of 300,000, costs between $4,305 and $14,353.

For any ad to be effective it has to be seen a minimum of eight times and within a certain period of time for the message to be noticed and absorbed. If readers don't read the publication frequently or the magazine is only printed a few times a year they will not be exposed to your information often enough to illicit a response. Advertisements are much more effective for large companies that rely on mass marketing to be brought top of mind when a customer is deciding between highly competitive products such as cell phones or cars.

The other problem with advertisements is that they only contain your logo, contact information and possibly a small bit of copy depending on the size of the ad. Ads don't explain in detail your expertise or your features and benefits. Whereas, publishing articles builds credibility and people recognize you as an expert in your field. It enhances your status among your peers as well, because you are contributing knowledge to the industry.

One of the most important reasons to publish articles is so that you can continually use them to promote your business. Published articles can be used as marketing material for sales leads, as a means of keeping in touch with clients, and are a lot more effective than expensive glossy brochures. You can also include articles on your website, which help to optimize and improve your page ranking and as a result hits to your website.

Maja Rehou is a consultant, writer, editor and founder of WordForce Communications. Her firm helps professionals generate revenue through strategic communications. Whether it is web content, a direct mail letter, business plan, brochure or trade article she helps you create content that counts. For a free copy of our 105 Commonly Misspelled Words A to Z please contact us at (416) 534-9881 or info@wordforce.ca.

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