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How to Create a Newsletter that Works?

There are many marketing methods available to help you promote your business.. Whether a brochure, web site or other promotional items, how do you decide which method will work best for you? Networking, cold calling, client meetings are all fundamental to business development, but they leave little time to meet the large number of prospects needed to adequately grow your business.

A company newsletter has the ability to expose your service or product to more people in less time than traditional marketing methods such as networking or client meetings; and is less expensive than paid advertising.

Newsletters are a good way to communicate with clients and prospects, whether in print or online. They build credibility by making you an authority in your field and help to generate interest in your firm. Most importantly they keep your firm top of mind with customers. Newsletters can be used to highlight the skills and abilities of your firm or showcase individual staff members. They can create customer loyalty by giving your clients the information they need to know your firm, its philosophies, vision and corporate culture. You can also use a newsletter to inform and motivate employees, which will improve staff moral and increase productivity.

The following of this four part series will show you all the elements necessary to create a successful newsletter and can be used when deciding whether this is the right marketing strategy for you.

Maja Rehou is a consultant, writer, editor and founder of WordForce Communications. Her firm helps professionals generate revenue through strategic communications. Whether it is web content, a direct mail letter, business plan, brochure or trade article she helps you create content that counts. For a free copy of our 105 Commonly Misspelled Words A to Z please contact us at (416) 534-9881 or info@wordforce.ca.

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