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Mind Games to Help Your Business Succeed Part 3

The successful SBO (Strategic Business Owner) is an average SBO with Focus and Balance.

Effective coaches in professional or amateur sports will sometimes say to an athlete "Get your head in the game." The same holds true for successful entrepreneurs. Having your "head in the game" may not guarantee that you will achieve success but if your head isn't in it we respectfully suggest that failure is certain.

So far we have looked at the first 6 factors of Mind-Games to help your business succeed. Here we will look at #7: Focus and #8: Balance.

7: Focus. No business ever grows great until the owner is focused, dedicated and disciplined. We've all heard that knowledge is power. Wisdom is knowledge with a focus. Wise SBO's have clarity of focus and direct their attention to the areas that need them the most. Instead of majoring in minor things they focus on high value, high impact activities that generate the greatest returns. All business owners know the 80/20 rule: eighty percent of the results are generated by twenty percent of the effort. The successful SBO not only knows the rule they apply it. Do not dissipate your power by trying to do too many things all at once. Focus. What are the high return activities of your business? Where do you get the greatest ROI with the least effort? Where do the biggest gains for you and your enterprise come from? Focus on the vital few not the trivial many and see your business grow in quantum leap possibilities.

8: Balance. The Flying Wallendas, famous for death defying feats of tightrope walking, know very well the critical importance of balance. Balance is equally critical for you as an SBO. Every day you walk the risky high wire of competition, contest and conflict. It's a jungle out there. Business was never easy but it sure does seem harder today than ever before. And the harder it gets the easier it is to lose your balance. Without balance you can become a prisoner of the very business that was supposed to set you free. Without balance you can unwittingly become a victim of your success. Without balance you experience more stress, anxiety and turmoil than you deserve and can become distanced from the people that matter most. Don't make that mistake. Too many entrepreneurs are energetically climbing the ladder of success only to get to the top of the ladder and realize that it's leaning up against the wrong wall. Don't let it happen to you. Balance.

In Summary: Get your head in the game! Apply these 8 Mind-Games to help your business succeed: 1: Use the Title of CEO 2: Know Yourself 3: Take 100% Responsibility 4: Deal in Reality 5: Think 6: Act 7: Focus 8: Balance. It is not complicated. Genuine success in business and in life usually isn't tricky, complicated or hocus pocus. It is often the application of common sense that is not commonly practiced. Now go do it!

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