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Mind Games To Help Your Business Succeed Part 2

If good intentions were all it took for success everybody would be skinny rich and happy.

Success in business today has little to do with good intentions. It is much more about mastery of mindset or put another way Mind-Games to help your business succeed. Previously we looked at the first three Mind-Games: 1: Use the Title of CEO 2: Know Yourself 3: Take 100% Responsibility. Today we move on to 4: Deal In Reality 5: Think 6: Act.

4: Deal In Reality. Successful SBO's (Strategic Business Owners) face facts. They don't deal in delusions. They know that whatever the results of their enterprise, good, bad or ugly they must face that reality and make decisions accordingly. SBO's use Mind-Games to strengthen their resolve, reinforce their resilience and maintain a positive outlook. They do not use Mind-Games for self-trickery to create a Pollyanna distortion of what's going on. SBO's are grounded in reality and face facts head on. If a decision is tough they make it. If business is booming they leverage it. If business dips they've a plan to get through it. It takes courage to deal in reality, oftentimes a semi-trailer truckload of courage. SBO's recognize that courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Courage is being able to face your fears head on and not flinch. Courage is contagious. Deal in reality. Face the facts. Develop the courage.

5: Think. Voluminous books have been written on the power of positive thinking and each and every business owner knows already the common sense importance of thinking. Yet we need to be reminded of good old fashioned common sense that is not commonly practiced. You are paid to think. That is worth restating: You are paid to think. This doesn't mean that as you engage in an hour of intense meaningful thinking that a customer or client will miraculously appear and pop a hundred bucks in your lap. Think. Regrettably we all know the importance of "Think" and yet we get caught up, busy being busy. We get caught up in the multitude of urgent activities from clients & customers, staff, suppliers, competitors, family, friends so that we never have the time to think. Thinking time gets pushed off the agenda or never even makes the to-do list as it is crowded out by the urgent demands of other people. Have you ever been too busy driving to take the time to get gas? Invest time every day to slow down, reflect, what's working what's not and think. Think.

6: Act. You do not build a reputation based on what you are going to do. While SBO's know the importance of item #5, Think, they also recognize that Think without Act is useless. I don't know who Gail Boardman is but I sure do love her quote: "You can't aim a duck to death." Think will point the boat. Act will set it sailing. Act and you make progress toward your goals. Act and you generate energy. Act and you get results - good or bad you get results - on which to better judge next how to act. Act.

Next time #7: Focus and #8: Balance. Until then: Get your head in the game!

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