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Mind Games To Help Your Business Succeed Part 1

Having your "head in the game" may not guarantee that you will achieve success but if your head isn't in it I suggest that failure is certain. Dr Stephen Covey of 7 Habits fame put it best when he said "For minor improvements work on behaviour - for quantum leap improvements work on mindset."

Here are 8 Mind-Games tips that will give you a strategic advantage to help insulate and protect your business from your own negative mindset.

1. Use the title of CEO
2. Know yourself
3. Take 100% Responsibility
4. Deal in Reality
5. Think
6. Act
7. Focus
8. Balance

In this article we will look at the first 3 and then cover the rest in future issues.

1: Chief Executive Officer. Be bold! Think broader, think bigger, be daring. Timid business owners have skinny kids! Even if yours is a one-man band or one-woman operation think of yourself as CEO and eagerly accept the title. Put CEO on your business card, create a CEO seal of office, buy a pricey business suit and get a tailor to sew the letters CEO onto the inside lining. Play the CEO game and play it to win. Over time you will begin to buy into a CEO mindset and conduct yourself accordingly.

2: Know Yourself. Spend 5 minutes a day, every day, for the next 30 days making a list of your strengths, skills and abilities. What do you do well? What sets you apart? What are your unique talents, gifts and abilities? Make a list and do not stop until the list of strengths is at least 100. No kidding. Remember that only a very small percentage of people have the courage to be truly independent and choose self-employment. YOU are one of the few. You have more strengths than you might imagine so make the list. And once you have completed the list create a one sentence statement that describes who you are when you are at your best. Read this sentence regularly. Put it on the monitor of your computer or laptop so you see it frequently. Play the Mind-Game of self-subliminal influence. Sounds like voodoo but it works.

3: Take 100% Responsibility. Strategic Business Owners (SBO's) leave clues. One of the biggest clues that an SBO leaves is that she/he takes total responsibility for their success and happiness. Others may blame a whole host of outside factors for their results: the economy, politicians, competition, taxes, circumstances, genetics, and a million other items. Masterful leaders don't waste energy making excuses they're too busy making money. Great SBO's know that to give up responsibility is to give away their power. Play the Mind-Game of 100% Responsibility - No Matter What! Retain your power.

In the next issue: Reality, Think, Act. Until then: Get Your Head In The Game!

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