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Prospecting Training ~ Creating Voicemails That Get Returned Part 2

Part 2 of 2


Step-By-Step Model of Creating Voicemail Scripts That Get Returned

In our last article, we looked at some important elements in creating hooks to get your voicemail returned. In this segment, we will detail a step-by-step model for creating multiple voicemail scripts.

I personally recommend preparing three voicemail scripts that you can use over a period of 2-3 weeks. As mentioned in our last segment, we recommend that you leave 3 voicemail messages every 3-4 days in addition with other methods such as email, direct mail or faxes to get your prospects attention.

Crafting a good voicemail message means understanding that each message needs to contain six fundamental elements. Voicemails should never be more than 60 seconds in length, so we will review that as well.

Six Fundamental Elements of Creating Voicemails That Get Returned

1. Your name and company name - They need to know who is calling
2. Your phone number - slowly - Start the call off with your phone number, stated slowly because you want to create the expectation that they will write down the number.
3. Your credibility - Either reference your referral, research or reason for the call. Is there a specific event that you came across that prompted you to call this prospect. Let them know why you are calling and that you have done some work to ensure that THEY are the right person to speak with.

For example, are they going through a merger, did they just buy another company? Did they just launch a new product or announce that they are opening new markets? You might just be in the perfect place at the perfect time.

This also speaks volumes about your professionalism as most people do not prepare well enough for calls and do not have a valid "business" reason to discuss with them.

The more pressing the problem is for your prospect, the more likely you will have your call returned.

4. A message intrigues and entices - I usually recommend that you do not mention your product or service in a voicemail. What we are looking to do is to build enough intrigue and generate enough curiosity for the decision-maker to call you back.

In order to do this, we need to:
- Communicate your value proposition - what is the real difference you can make for that person or company using real examples or metrics
- Provide them with a new idea or fresh perspective on a problem that they may have.
- Offer important information to them that is relevant to them.

5. A call to action and powerful close - The end of the message you need to have a powerful closing statement. This is usually a request for an action you would like them to take.

It is crucial that you speak confidently about your ability to help the prospect. What works well here is that you speak as a peer sharing some good information instead of a salesperson hawking their goods.

The close is to ask for the next meeting, call, demo, etc. The more specific the request the better.
For example, you can say:

I noticed that your XYZ product is being launched in Mexico. We have helped other companies increase their sales by 20% in the Mexican marketplace. Let's set a time to get together to see if I can help you get the same results.

6. Your name, company and phone number again - slowly - The last piece is about helping your prospect write down and respond to your voicemail message. You've just spent time and effort impressing your prospect, don't force them to rewind the message to get your number.

Clearly and slowly state your name, company and phone number again at the end. It makes all the difference to your prospect.

The Old vs.The New

Have you ever heard a voicemail script that sounds like this? What we have been talking about is transforming this old way of leaving messages to a new way that really engages customers.

Hello Mr. XXX. This is ABC with XYZ company. We specialize in ____. Our (product/service) has won the Top 10 Service company award in 2007 and we know it will be a great fit for you.

I'm calling today to see if I could set-up a time to meet with you to learn a bit more about your needs in this area and to tell you about our new (product/service).

Please call me at your earliest convenience. I look forward to getting together with you. My number is ...

Mr. XXX This is ABC with XYZ company at 123-456-7890. I understand that a primary strategic initiative of your company in the upcoming year is to rebrand your corporate identity. We recently redesigned the logo for company ZZZ and in just six months they achieved brand awareness is three of their top four target markets.

We are talking about real ROI their logo re-design project in a short period of time. Let's get together to see if we can get the same kind of results for your business.

This is XXX from ABC Company at 123-456-7890

3 Step Voicemail Success Script

As mentioned previously, it pays to prepare three voicemail scripts that you can use over a 2-3 week period of time.

This three-step approach works because it's persistent yet non-threatening. Providing great business information yet honest and friendly.

It also works because it means you have shifted your focus from trying to make a sale to trying to starting a conversation about how you may be able to solve some of their business problems.

1. The first call - Value Proposition- It is critical to craft a powerful first voicemail. Use the strategies above to craft your perfect message.

Voicemail Script #1(Value Proposition)
I will be following-up with you on XXX (add a time and date when you will follow-up).
It's critical that you do call back exactly on the date and time that you say.

2. Follow-up #2 - Value Proposition - The second voicemail script is meant to bring out another angle on your value proposition that may better resonate with your prospect. Use the strategies above to craft your perfect message.

Voicemail script #2 (Value Proposition)
Mr. XXX This is ABC with XYZ company at 123-456-7890. I am calling because I promised to reach you today at TIME. Sorry I missed you.

I'll try you again on DATE and TIME."

Again, it's critical that you call back exactly when you said you would. Anything else would result in your being less than honest, and risk losing your prospect's confidence.

3. Follow-up #3- No value proposition - This third attempt is really just to do two things, to show persistence and to create a sort of guilt for not returning your messages. It also shows that you are cognizant of their time demands and that you don't want to present them with something that is not a good fit for them.

Mr. XXX This is ABC with XYZ company at 123-456-7890. I am calling because I promised to reach you today at TIME. Sorry I missed you. I noticed that you've been difficult to reach and I'm wondering if that is because you're swamped at work, you are not interested in doing business with my company or I've been wrong at guessing the times you might be at your desk. Either is OK. If you wouldn't mind letting me know how to proceed, that would be great.

Again, this is XXX from ABC Company at 123-456-7890

The last reason for not reaching the prospect "I've been wrong at guessing the times you might be at your desk." Is the most important because you are taking ownership of the reason you can't reach the customer. You can change the other two reasons based on your specific sales situation. For example if this was a follow up call after a proposal was sent you might say "I'm wondering if that is because you didn't have a chance to see the proposal, you were unhappy with the pricing I sent or I've been wrong at guessing the times you might be at your desk."

Yes, creating three voicemail scripts does take a little more time and effort but that is precisely what will set you apart from all the other sales reps who are calling your prospects. That's why you should do it.

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