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Top Ten Lists for your Business

What's Your Top 10?

Writing articles are not only one of the main techniques of Un-Marketing, they can pay off years down the road. When you write a quality article, with a "Pull & Stay" byline (explained below), it gets passed on to people exponentially. One person passes it to three people, who pass it to 5 etc...

However, the hardest part about this wonderful article is writing it in the first place! What's the topic? Where do I begin? Nothing quite like suffering from writer's block when you don't even consider yourself a writer! ;-)

One of the easiest methods I've used to get over it is to create the "Top 10" list article. Pick the need you fill, the problem you solve and write an article that would be similar to advice you would give a client. For example, when I created my Un-Marketing Teleseminar, I started with a Top Seven list of ways to market your business without spending money:

Good Websites
Quality Newsletters
Helpful Articles
Message boards
Networking Events

This list got me over the "block" I had and broke it down to seven manageable sections. If I were to write an article on Un-Marketing (which I am now..... Well a book actually :-) I can use this list.

What is your Top 10 list that people would find useful. If you're an accountant, why not "Top 10 Ways to get your taxes done before the deadline" or if you're a designer "The Top 10 Website Design Mistakes that can cost your business $$$". All of these types of lists position you as an expert on the topic. The local newspapers and website/newsletters publishers love them because they are short and sweet and have no fluff.

I've made it easy for you:

The Top 10 List title for my business is:

The Top 10 _______________________________________________

1. _______________________________________________

2. _______________________________________________

3. _______________________________________________

4. _______________________________________________

5. _______________________________________________

6. _______________________________________________

7. _______________________________________________

8. _______________________________________________

9. _______________________________________________

10. _______________________________________________

After this, all you have to do is write an intro paragraph and a good "Pull & Stay" byline (meaning you say who you are, company name, and something that requests the reader to pursue further action, mainly signing up for you newsletter).

Scott Stratten is the President of Un-Marketing, a firm that works with business owners to help them become customer magnets. He uses proven methods of successful marketing to increase awareness and sales both within a company's current customer base and new ones. He recently appeared in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Fast Company and his articles have been published all over the world. Find out more about Scott at Un-Marketing .

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