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Is your business a one night stand

Increase business with past customers first.

You finally get a customer to buy your item and/or service once and then off they go, never to be heard from again?

One of the biggest new revenue areas for businesses is past customers. Unfortunately I repeatedly see business owners spending the majority of their time and energy thinking of cheap ways to reach new customers, when the ones they've already sold to would still buy more! These people have already been "sold" on you, have come through the door (whether it's your website virtual door or store location) and have given you money.

The common objections usually are:

1. "I have nothing else to sell them."

I say "Nonsense!!" Do you have additional services? Can you recommend someone else's product or service to them and receive a referral fee? Have you asked your past customers what else they would like/need from you?

2. "I don't want to send them ads" or "What would I say to them?"

Please don't! The worst thing you can do is "Thanks for buying from me, here are some ads and flyers to fill your mailbox/Inbox." If you have a physical location and your past customer base is fairly local, why not have a social get together mid-afternoon, have a speaker in that would interest them, host a party, just to say "thank-you". If you're clients are based virtually, send them some information/tips that they would find useful and appreciate, and at the end you can mention what's going on in your business (with a little discount for them being a repeat customer).

Communication is key to building relationships and increasing your sales. Taking a one-off sale into a life-long relationship (how much is a customer for life worth to you?)

Scott Stratten is the President of Un-Marketing, a firm that works with business owners to help them become customer magnets. He uses proven methods of successful marketing to increase awareness and sales both within a company's current customer base and new ones. He recently appeared in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Fast Company and his articles have been published all over the world. Find out more about Scott at Un-Marketing .

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