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Educate your Customers and Grow your Business

What is Marketing?

Educate Your Customers, Grow Your Business

Just exactly what the heck is marketing?

First, marketing is about understanding deeply the needs and wants of your customers and then helping them to get what they want for greater value than they expect. At a minimum, most businesses can improve significantly in this area. However, the real power and leverage of marketing goes deeper than this and moves to the next level of influence: education.

Educate your customers grow your business.

Marketing at its most effective is about educating and communicating your USP, unique selling proposition, in a powerfully convincing manner that will attract business to you much more easily than the traditional approach of sell, sell, sell.

When you can persuasively educate and then clearly, concisely, communicate your USP you establish why it's a smart decision to do business with you and your company. Or put another way, why it would be a most unwise decision to do business with somebody else.

And it's not only about educating the customer; it's about educating and communicating with everyone, your customers, prospects, suppliers, advisers, referral sources and alliances, what it is that sets you and your company apart, what makes your business unique.

If you and everyone within your organization can become accomplished at educating the right target audience, persuasively, compellingly and repeatedly on the unique and superior advantages and benefits that you and your business can provide you will see a solid revenue boost and improved bottom-line.

Regrettably most business owners do not perform well at this deeper level of marketing through education. Most business owners mistakenly try to tackle the goal of growing sales with a single weapon, one-to-one, combat mentality.

For example, almost all businesses have a selling process (converting prospects to customers) but most do not have a legitimate marketing process (generating qualified leads) from strategic education. As such, they miss out on tremendous leverage and revenue opportunities.

Many owners remain in the same comfort zone and deadly rut of using a single weapon like direct selling rather than considering the leverage of education marketing (i.e. strategic alliances, referral systems, seminars, web technology, newspaper/magazine articles, being interviewed on TV & radio, etc.).

Instead of impacting one prospect at a time (i.e. direct selling) we suggest that you add USP education marketing into your standard way of doing business. This allows you to communicate with, target and influence large groups of customers, prospects, alliances, referral sources, etc in a single action. In a sense, it is a one-to-many selling system.

Think of direct selling as the ground war, education marketing as air support. Consider and try out new options, new approaches, and new strategies to better educate everyone.

Just exactly what the heck is marketing?

Marketing is understanding the needs and wants of your customers and then educating them by communicating to them your USP, the superior advantages/benefits they can derive by doing business with you. Think of marketing as ongoing USP education.

Educate Your Customers, Grow Your Business.

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