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Consider a Payroll Service

If your company has employees other than you, payroll is one of the most critical areas of your financial record keeping. It's also the area most commonly botched by small business owners, so get professional advice on how to properly set up and maintain your payroll system.

You might consider using a payroll service to save yourself a lot of administrative time and hassle. A payroll service ensures your government reporting and payroll tax remittances are always accurate and up-to-date. This benefit alone can be well worth the cost of the service, as late-payment penalties for payroll remittances tend to be some of the biggest and most severe penalties that the government levies.

Other advantages of using a payroll serice:

The payroll service is always up to date on the tax code, whether it be changes in Canada Pension Plan rules, revised Employment Insurance guidelines or new tax rates.
The payroll service automatically handles the creation of accurate T4 slips for your employees at year-end.
With a payroll service, you can offer your employees direct deposit of their paycheque. This is a perk that most employees appreciate.

While there are many good reasons to use a payroll service, you should also be aware that such a service takes all associated government remittances out of your company account each payday, even if those remittances are not actually due for another few weeks. This can create a cash flow problem unless you are prepared for it.

Fern Gordon is the owner of The Profit Line. Making sound business decisions means having a clear picture of your financial situation in front of you at all times - yet the daily demands of running a small enterprise can be overwhelming. As a result, financial record keeping and reporting often don't get the attention they truly deserve.
The Profit Line changes all that. We are your bookkeeping partner, helping you stay on top of your finances so you can make better, more informed business decisions.
In addition to taking paperwork off your plate, we also pinpoint the key numbers critical to the performance of your specific enterprise, and make sure you have them in hand whenever you need them.
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