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Whether a first time computer user or an experienced PC user switching to Apple, this course will provide a great introduction to Macs. Topics included: navigating the interface, basics of the OS & a brief overview of some of the Apple-specific apps.

Course Outline
Whether a first time computer user or an experienced PC user switching to Apple for the first time, this course will provide a great introduction to Macs. Topics covered include navigating the interface, the basics of the operating system such as saving and finding files or setting personal preferences, and a brief overview of some of the Apple-specific applications, like the Safari web browser or Apple Mail.

Course Content Folders and Windows
  • Getting into Mac OS X
  • Windows and How to Work Them
  • The Four Window Views
  • Icon View
  • Column View
  • Cover Flow View
  • Quick Look
  • Logging Out, Shutting Down
  • Getting Help in Mac OS X
Organizing your Stuff
  • The Mac OS X Folder Structure
  • Icon Names
  • Selecting Icons
  • Moving and Copying Icons
  • Aliases: Icons in Two Places at Once
  • Colour Labels
  • The Trash
  • Get Info
  • The Spotlight Menu
  • The Spotlight Window
  • Customizing Spotlight
  • Smart Folders
Dock, Desktop, and Toolbars
  • The Dock
  • Setting up the Dock
  • Using the Dock
  • The Finder Toolbar
  • Designing your Desktop
  • Menulets: The Missing Manual
Documents, Programs, and Spaces
  • Opening Mac OS X Programs
  • The €oeHeads-Up€ Program Switcher
  • Expose: Death to Window Clutter
  • Spaces: Your Free Quad-Display Mac
  • Hiding Programs the Old-Fashioned Way
  • How Documents Know Their Parents
  • Keyboard Control
  • The Save and Open Dialog Boxes
  • Installing Mac OS X Programs
  • Dashboard
  • Web Clips: Make Your Own Widgets
Windows on Macintosh
  • Boot Camp
  • Windows in a Window
System Preferences
  • The System Preferences Window
  • .Mac
  • Accounts
  • Appearance
  • Bluetooth
  • CDs and DVDs
  • Date and Time
  • Desktop and Screen Saver
  • Display
  • Dock
  • Energy Saver
  • Expose and Spaces
  • International
  • Keyboard and Mouse
  • Network
  • Parental Controls
  • Print and Fax
  • QuickTime
  • Security
  • Sharing
  • Software Update
  • Sound
  • Speech
  • Spotlight
  • Startup Disk
  • Time Machine
  • Universal Access
CDs, DVDs, and iTunes
  • How the Mac Does Disks
  • Burning CDs and DVDs
  • iTunes: The Digital Jukebox
  • DVD movies
Mail and Address Book
  • Setting Up Mail
  • Checking Your Mail
  • Writing Messages
  • Stationery
  • Reading Email
  • The Anti-Spam Toolkit
  • RSS Feeds
  • Notes
  • To Dos
  • Address Book
  • Safari
  • RSS: The Missing Manual

Prerequisites & Certificates

Basic computer concepts and the ability to use a mouse & keyboard

Certificates offered

Certificate of completion

Cancellation Policy
10 business days cancellation or full course fee will be charged
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Technology Training Centre
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Provided InDesign CS6 Visual Quickstart Guide by Sandy Cohen as reference. Very quick paced. Excellent overview of essentials. Opportunity to create a document as we went along.
Reviewed by 2014
The instructor was fantastic! Would definitely like to take a course from her again. I recently took a course at the Cameron Library location, however, and found this to be easier to access than downtown. Thanks for a great course.
Reviewed by 2014
For the amount of useful instruction we received, the course could have been two hours long. While the course did cover everything needed, the rest of the time was taken up with filler (tips on items loosely related to the course, but not needed in order to use the software). The room was freezing and I had to wear my coat for the entire day. There was no parking close-by so I had to take the bus.
Reviewed by 2014
Excellent instructor
Reviewed by 2014
He was AWESOME!!!
Reviewed by 2013
The course was very good, but with only 2 people in the class, we hoped that the course be more adaptive to the needs of the 2 attendees instead of the laid out course.
Reviewed by 2013
The instructor was excellent! One of the best instructors/educators I've had over the past 30 years. His ability to communicate the material far exceeded my expectations and made me feel comfortable and engaged in class.
Reviewed by 2013
Instructor was awesome, made the day go by quickly and had a lot of knowledge about the program as well as the industry. Very ressourceful.
Reviewed by 2013
When using Excel it can be confusing, but if u were to have a second day for this info to sink into the brain and be able to come back and try and create our own spreadsheet I feel what we learned would stay in our memory bank better.
Reviewed by 2013
this was a vary knowlageable course and i look forward to using all my new found tips
Reviewed by 2013
For the content covered, the course is way too short (2 days). It is more of a refresher course for students. I recommend that attendees have basic knowledge of Adobe suite software. This wasn't indicated on course profile.
Reviewed by 2013
Have not looked at the course handouts yet. Instructor does not just "go through" the book, which I really appreciate. So will look at course handouts later.
Reviewed by 2013
Re Trainer: she let us know right away that she did not like to use the book as her guide and that at the end of the day we would check it to make sure we had covered what was needed, however... having attended a previous "Level 1" I must say I much preferred using the book as a guide.I found that by just "checking" at the end if we had covered every thing, meant my notes on a particular subject were not on the corisponding pages because I didn't have time to find the correct page to write them on.
Reviewed by 2013
The course was fine. However,there were not enough books available, people had to share and only a few people were able to take a book home the same day. It was difficult to find the Cameron Library and to get to the class from the parking lots where you can park. It was frustrating especially in -30'C weather. The instructor was great.
Reviewed by 2013
Maybe go a little slower for beginners and give us time to follow along. He also only gave us 5-10 minutes o try things....if you are not familiar with Sharepoint thats not long.
Reviewed by 2013
The instructor was great - he made the material interesting and fun. The course is a beginners step into VBA which is useful, but you will need to take more if you plan to work vigorously with this application.
Reviewed by 2012
I wish the course had one more day to practice all that we learnt.
Reviewed by 2012
The course enlighted me on the basic structure of Access with tables, queries, & forms. However macros were not covered, which a large portion of our database. Perhaps they are covered on a subsequent course.
Reviewed by 2012
I'd recommend the training class to anyone who would like to learn about SharePoint. Our instructor Colin was excellent!
Reviewed by 2012
I found the classroom very hard to find. If you wern't familiar with the campus, even finding the Cameron Library difficult. A map would be very useful. Parking around the University was expensive and hard to find. The course itself was good and the instructor was great!
Reviewed by 2012
I thought Miche was a fabulous trainer - I would go back and take any course from him. He was very knowledgable and his teaching style was easy to follow along with. This course was a great crash course-I'll be looking to do Level 2 in the future!
Reviewed by 2012
Colin Rider was an extremely effective instuctor.
Reviewed by 2012
I enjoyed the course, the interaction with the other students and felt the instructor was punctual, knowledgeable and offered a great deal of reference material for further resource, I invited a coworker and we attended the course at out own expense. We both agreed we would attend another class at that facility again in future.
Reviewed by 2012
Unfortunately the initial instructor had an emergency to attend to on day 2 of the course. A second instructor (Project 2007 oriented) took over. All students have been offered a resit through the U of A for October 2nd and or 12th.
Reviewed by 2012
I truly appreciated this course and learned a lot, I now plan to take the next courses as well!
Reviewed by 2012
Course was excellent. Only thing was there should be more info indicating that this was entirely an entry level (beginner) course.
Reviewed by 2012
Awesome course. Content was extactly what I required.
Reviewed by 2012
Reviewed by 2012
Julie was awesome, she is very knowledable and very patient.
Reviewed by 2012
She was very knowledgeable. I enjoyed the course!
Reviewed by 2012
Unfortunately, it is not the fault of the course, the content did not cover what I required for my work. I will hopefully be taking the next level as our instructor indicated that would be the one that would provide the skills necessary for the type of documentation we produce.
Reviewed by 2012
Enjoyed the day
Reviewed by 2012
Concise, clear and well presented. I would request this facilitator for any future courses based on my confidence is her ability to communicate effectively and based on her knowledge of the materials.
Reviewed by 2012
We were hoping there would be more about 'forms'. (Portfolio was interesting, but not really releveant to my needs). - Actually, my boss asked if we talked about Forms Manager, I said no, and then we couldn't decide if Forms Manager is something that was discontinued in X (from 9).
Reviewed by 2012
Parking facilities at the UofA are incredibly expensive, for those who need to drive there. $40/day for parking was disappointing!
Reviewed by 2012
Made sure you did everyting twice, was double checked by instructor.
Reviewed by 2012
Had never done Excel before, it was all greek to me. Maybe need to repeat work sheets twice. I will come back for repeat class.
Reviewed by 2012

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